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Can you remember getting the chills when you heard a great song for the first time? There's no doubt that humans are naturally emotional beings. We have the ability to respond to music in the same we respond to eating a delicious meal or getting a good night's sleep. Our brain releases dopamine (the feel good chemical) and it makes us feel great. Building playlists to create a mood or enhance an experience is a creative way to inspire others, learn about yourself and develop an online presence.

It's argued that playlists are the new radio and playlist creators are the new radio DJ. We listen to music in the car, during a workout, or while at the office, making us our own personal dee jays. Creating a mix for any of these moments, gives us the ability to lighten the mood by just hitting play. 


With access to more music than ever before, curated playlists are the new solution for listeners to find songs they love. Whether it's Spotify, Apple Music, or one of the many other streaming services available, playlists have become easily discoverable on any of these platforms. If you love music and spend time looking for new songs, these programs give you the tools to research emerging artists and let others find the playlists you create.

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The goal is to create a memorable musical experience that your listeners will enjoy. There is no better outcome than getting a positive reaction from sharing music with others. So gather up some great songs and mix them together for your next friendly gathering to spread the good vibes!